Websites + Branded Mobile Apps for Coaches & Course Developers


🌟 Your clients can engage with your course or coaching content anywhere/anytime: while traveling, waiting to pick up the kids, in line at the DMV, etc. Shut down those “I don’t have the time” objections on sales calls!

🌟 You can automate push notifications to your clients that will pop up on their device’s home screen. Have you ever used Duolingo? If you have, then you know how aggressive that owl was if you hadn’t logged in that day. We don’t have to go that hard, but nudging absent clients every now and then will improve completion rates and, ultimately, their results.

🌟 Automatic syncing between the app and browser based version of your content, so your clients can always pick up where they left off if they are switching back and forth between their phone and their computer.

🌟 The ability to have your email marketing, sales funnels, booking calendar, payments, ecommerce shop, and more all in one dashboard.

I was on a call recently and was telling a coach about my plan to create the ultimate coaching website software. She was like, “That’s great and all, but why a website and not an app? That’s what I really need.” And, honestly, the answer was that I didn’t consider myself an app developer at the time. I’ve been building custom websites for years, my identity was very firmly rooted in being a web developer.

But, it piqued my curiosity so I looked into it to see what would be involved in adding apps to the menu, and it turns out that, yep, I can definitely build apps too.

Website + App Features

  • Your course, membership, coaching program, private podcast, or other website
  • A branded mobile app with the same content, and automatic syncing between the two
  • Lead tracking & client management
  • Landing & sales pages
  • Automated webinars and sales funnels
  • Client scheduling
  • Client contracts with eSignature & payments (invoices, subscriptions, payment plans, pay what you want)
  • Client portal
  • Email campaigns and marketing
  • eCommerce shop (digital & physical products), upsells & cross sells
  • Analytics & traffic reporting
  • Client feedback surveys & other custom forms
  • Manage affiliate partnerships & payouts
  • Something else? The system is fully customizable, let me know what’s on your wish list!

The most important question…how much?

If you’re already on a WordPress-based system (LearnDash, BuddyPress, etc)…
Hooray! Half the work is already done. Your investment is $7500 USD for the app build and bringing any other software that you’d like (booking calendar, email marketing, contracts, client management, etc) into the WordPress environment. You can elect to keep your website on your current hosting, or if you’d like to move to our secure cloud hosting with included software updates and backups it’s $50 USD/month. If you’re currently on a shared hosting server, I’d recommend the upgrade to cloud hosting.

I require 50% of the project fee ($3750 USD) as a deposit to get started, the balance will be due upon the app launch. If applicable, monthly hosting fees will begin 30 days after your app launches.

If you don’t have a WordPress-based site/system (currently on Kajabi, Teachable, Mighty Networks, etc)…
It’s a $15,000 USD investment for the site + app build, $50 USD/month for hosting & maintenance once the site + app has launched.

I require 50% of the project fee ($7500 USD) as a deposit to get started, the balance will be due upon the website + app launch. Monthly hosting fees will begin 30 days after your site + app launches.

What’s included in the project fee:

✔ A white glove service to take your existing course or coaching content and turn it into a website + mobile app. Syncing of your clients progress will happen automatically between the two, so your clients can use both to interact with your content. All of your existing clients will be moved over as well along with their progress so far.

✔ If you have your email marketing, sales funnels, booking calendar, client management software, etc. separate from your website/course currently, we can bring that all into one system/dashboard and decrease your monthly/annual software costs. Something specific you’d like to add? Let’s chat, we can most likely make that happen.

✔ Sell physical or digital products in addition to your program or course? Your new site & app can include an ecommerce shop as well.

✔ Affiliate capability, partner with influencers and content creators to help promote your program or course and reach more potential clients.

✔ Secure hosting for both your site & app. The monthly fee includes keeping your software updated & backups of all your content.


Why WordPress and not another system?
I 💓 WordPress because I can make it do anything I want it to. WordPress is open source software, meaning that all of the code is publicly available and you are free to change or add on to it as much as your heart desires. Other systems like Kajabi or Squarespace are proprietary software. They limit how much I can manipulate their code and customize or add functionality, so I have to work within the confines of what those limitations allow. I personally don’t enjoy being boxed in or having to say ‘no’ to clients’ feature requests.

I like using Kajabi/Teachable/Thinkific, but wish I had a branded mobile app. Can I leave my content there?
Sure, if you really like having your course/program on your current platform you can of course leave it there and I can just build the app for you. However you will lose the automatic syncing feature, and the price is still the same. There isn’t a way for me to connect those third party systems to the app software that I use so I’ll still need to re-create the content for it.

Do you have a demo I can take a look at?
Not yet, this is the first time I’m offering this service and I don’t build things until someone has purchased it. However in my 15+ years building custom WordPress websites, I have yet to come across a roadblock that I couldn’t code my way over. In the Clifton Strengths assessment my #1 strength is Learner and my #2 is Focus, my brain is just wired to stay on challenges until I solve them. I am 100% confident that I can deliver you an amazing app for your clients.

I’ve heard WordPress is insecure, what about getting hacked?
If you let your software get out of date you could be leaving yourself vulnerable. That’s why your monthly hosting fee includes regular software updates & file/database backups. While I don’t anticipate any problems, it never hurts to have an insurance policy.

The other security issue that comes up in relation to WordPress actually has to do with a typical web hosting environment rather than the software itself. If you are on a shared hosting server, you could be one of 1000s of sites on that server. Even if you are meticulous about keeping your software up to date, if another site isn’t as diligent it might leave a back door open that could give someone access to all sites on the server. With the cloud hosting that I use, you are in your own separate hosting environment and on your own IP address, you won’t be sharing with anybody else.

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