Presentations & Talks on SEO

Presentations & Talks on SEO

If you have an audience that would benefit from learning more about SEO, I’d love the opportunity to speak to them! There is so much outdated information & misinformation on SEO out there, even well-intentioned business owners that are willing to put in the time to learn can struggle with improving their websites rankings. Because my business has relied solely on getting traffic from Google for the past 10 years, I am always on top of changes to the algorithm and what currently is and isn’t working. I can provide an audience with strategies that are actually effective in improving their rankings today.

The thing with the SEO industry is that because algorithms and best practices change so frequently, standardization or a certification process is nearly impossible. Techniques that were effective two years ago are no longer working. But many people who call themselves SEO professionals are still charging clients to implement them on their websites!

My talks Include:

  • Current best practices
  • Common misconceptions/misinformation I see online
  • Realistic timelines to see results
  • Blogging is not dead – how to properly utilize one

I can tailor the talks to specific audiences, as well as different formats. I could speak about SEO on everything from a podcast for private counseling practice owners, a Youtube channel for rental property managers, to a summit for wedding photographers.

About Me

Originally (and still!) a web developer, I got started in SEO in 2014 when my partner and I started building coupon websites. We partnered with various brands and used specialized affiliate links to track any sales that were referred from our site to make a commission. It was a great set-up, now we just needed more people to visit the site and click on the links.

We had hundreds of partner merchants across several different niches so the marketing was tricky. We didn’t want to run a hundred different Facebook groups or email lists, and folks weren’t typically interested in signing up for ones about ‘coupons’ generally. However, lots of people were searching for things like ‘(specific merchant or product) coupon’ in Google, so that seemed like the easiest way to go about getting people onto our websites who could click on our affiliate links.

So, we started learning SEO and the results were fantastic! We were able to travel extensively and buy two homes thanks to the money we earned. There have been ups and downs over the years with the various algorithm changes, but the earlier dips in traffic motivated me to learn how to test for these changes myself and figure out what was currently promoting and demoting websites in the rankings. Becoming something of a data scientist has really served me well in SEO, and other areas of business and life!

I have published two courses on SEO, one for total beginners as well as one for websites that were negatively impacted by the Helpful Content algorithm updates in the fall of 2023.

Some Of My Results

Here are just some of the results I’ve gotten for clients over 2023 and 2024 so far. For the most part these results were with doing partial or even minimal work, none of these projects are ‘finished’ yet so I’d expect to see the numbers continue to improve. The purple line represents how often Google was showing their website to searchers (also called ‘impressions’) and the blue line is how many times searchers clicked on their website from Google.

You’ll notice it’s never a straight line up, that’s because there are a lot of different factors that can affect how much your site is being shown to searchers and how many clicks you are getting: what competitors are doing, changes & tweaks that Google makes to their algorithm (and then sometimes roll back!), as well as seasonality of an industry. You’ll also notice that it is not an overnight process. SEO is not a fast process, but the results are longer term than what you get from other marketing channels such as email or social media. If you can gain a top ranking, your site will likely stay there.