Here is what isn’t great: basically everything else. You loathe posting on your social media accounts, you don’t know what to talk about and it just feels out of alignment. Should you be on TikTok? The idea of it makes you die inside a little. Your website keeps letting you know that the software you use needs to be updated, but the last time you tried it the whole thing crashed. It was 3 days of stress and a lot of money that you would have much rather spent on something else to get it fixed. 

The last time you sent an email to your newsletter list was…6 months ago? You honestly can’t remember. It just keeps getting pushed aside for more urgent tasks. Despite the new year’s resolution you set last year to keep on top of your business bookkeeping, it is now December and you haven’t even looked at it once. The idea of tackling that project is completely overwhelming, and the more time that passes the worse it feels. You’re not entirely sure what ‘SEO’ is, but you think it’s something you are supposed to be doing. At this point, it’s just one more thing on a never ending to-do list. 

Here is the thing: you just outlined the work of 5 employees above and you are but one person. It’s not feasible, realistic, or even remotely ideal for you to be handling all of the above by yourself. And I can hear you already, “I can’t hire 5 people! Where would I even find them? Besides that I don’t have time to write 5 job descriptions and…” insert any number of other honestly justifiable points about why this is completely unreasonable. 

I get it, this is in fact why I created Nerdy Chic! We are your one-stop-shop for online business support, with a particular flair for technical tasks. Nerdy Chic has all of the employees outlined above, and more! Plus, they are specialists and amazing in their particular areas. You know how you feel when you are working with your clients? That’s how they feel when they are updating websites, creating graphics for social media, and writing copy. Yes, really! 

We’re taking a waitlist for Q1 2022 right now, pop your email in the box below if you’d like to be added to that list. Applications for membership will be going out in January! We will also start offering our “Business Spa Day” VIP package: think of it as a makeover for your business! 


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