Local SEO for Businesses

Local SEO for Businesses

If you have a business with a physical location, how does having a steady stream of clients making bookings, or customers coming in the door sound to you?

Sounds amazing, obviously!

Now, what if you could do that without having to spend hours every week making posts for social media or writing emails? (Or spending lots of money to pay someone else to do it for you?)

Now it’s starting to seem a little sus…

I know, it sounds to good to be real, but there is in fact a way to set up some marketing for your business ONCE, and then enjoy the results of it for years. And it leverages something you probably already have: your business website (and a Google Business Profile or ‘GBP’). Working smarter not harder is the name of the game!

So what is this magical marketing method?

Search engine optimization (aka ‘SEO’), which just means that when somebody searches ‘yoga studio near me’ in either Google or on Google Maps your website shows up at the top of the results.

“I tried SEO before. I hired a guy who charged me $1500 per month for a year and all I got was a bunch of blog posts that sounded like a robot wrote them, a spreadsheet with some backlinks and ‘local citations’ that he built (whatever those are), and ZERO new customers.”

Many Business Owners that I Have Spoken To

I get it. This is a story I hear a lot and, frankly, it really toasts my buns that there are still folks out there charging people for tactics that haven’t been effective since 2017. 😤

We do things differently here at Nerdy Chic.

Rather than gimmicks or ‘hacks’ to try and game the system, we’re going to set up your website and Google Business Profile in a specific way that it is very clear to Google what your business does, where you are located, and who your best customers are. That way when those customers are searching for a business that does what you do, Google is going to promote you to them.

The best part? Google doesn’t charge you anything to do this – it’s completely free advertising!

If you’re sitting there thinking “Okay, there must be some sort of catch…” there isn’t, really! The only drawback to SEO work is that it does require some patience. You don’t (typically) see results the next day, but rather a few months later. It takes Google some time to recognize the changes you have made and re-shuffle the rankings.

Real results from a Nerdy Chic client:

Check out this graph below, I started working with this client in November of 2023. For the first 6 months, we had only updated 1 page on the website – their homepage, as that’s the most important one. But you can see that both the number of times that Google showed their website to people in their area (the purple line) as well as the number of clicks they got (the blue line) have been steadily increasing since then.

We recently updated 2 more pages, so I’m excited to see what this graph looks like in another 6 months!

How much to do this super-effective marketing for your business?

$500 USD per website page updated.

No monthly contract? Nope! As I mentioned in the beginning, our goal is to do the work ONCE and reap the benefits for a long time, so there is absolutely no need for a monthly contract. We can get your website updated quickly if your budget allows, or we can do the slow & steady approach and update a page every few months. Both approaches work – it’s just the timeline to see your full results that will vary.

SEO is a marathon & not a sprint. The speed with which work is completed doesn’t reflect in where your rankings end up, but the quality of the work performed very much does.

What’s the next step?

Have a specific question you’d like to ask or want me to take a look at your website before signing up? Please book a free call and we can discuss!

Or, if you’re hyped and want to sign up ASAP, please use the button below to sign Client Service Agreement. Once that’s done you’ll receive an email with the link to pay your deposit. 🙂

It’s A Little Out of My Budget Right Now, Any Other Options?

If hiring Nerdy Chic to do the SEO work for your business is not in the budget right now, I am also putting together an online course specifically for business owners on how they can do it themselves.

Amazing Value: this course is on pre-sale for just $50 USD right now! The anticipated release date is the first week of August 2024.

Fair warning: The course itself should take about 8-10 hours to go through the material, and then I would budget 2-3 hours per page to get your website updated, and another 1-2 hours to get your Google Business Profile optimized.

It is a fair investment of time, which I know most business owners are in short supply of! Just want to make sure you know exactly how deep the pool is before you jump in!

Free Resources

I do also have some free resources for local business owners on this website and my social media accounts and I have collected them all on this page.