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About Course

Looking for a course to walk you through the basics of search engine optimization? Google made some big changes in the fall of 2023, and this course has been updated for those changes.

After you complete this course you will know everything you need to write content for your website that will perform well in Google and bring lots of visitors/potential customers to your site. As of 2024, the content on your website is the most important factor that Google looks at when determining where your site should rank for various searches. You need to present information in a clear and concise way to make it easy for the algorithm to understand what your site is about, and that your content is highly relevant to the search you are targeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this SEO course just for bloggers, or will it work for my local business?

The same principles apply whether you are running a mobile HVAC service or a blog for moms with celiac disease. Local businesses have a few additional steps to take (such as setting up a Google Business profile), but in terms of the content for your website you will be following the same process of research and writing in a specific way to target good search opportunities.

My site used to rank really well, and dropped off a cliff during the fall of 2023. Will this course help me?

If you saw a sharp decline in traffic during fall of 2023 it would probably be more helpful to sign up for the HCU Recovery Program instead. That is specifically for websites that lost rankings during the Helpful Content Update of 2023.

Isn’t SEO dead? Don’t we have to use Pinterest now?

Depending on what kind of site you have, Pinterest might be a valid traffic strategy. However, SEO is very much not dead and it is still 100% possible to rank even newer or small sites. It is the only strategy I use for all my affiliate sites: no email lists, no paid ads, no social media. Frankly, I don’t have the time to keep up with all of those things. SEO has always been the ‘work smarter not harder’ solution – although it is most certainly work!

I’m the least technically inclined person in the world, will I be able to follow along with this course?

I think so! But I also encourage you to reconsider that belief. Just because you don’t know how to do something right now doesn’t mean that you never will know how to do it. Everything you can do now had to be learned, and this is no different. I will help out with videos, guides, and walk-throughs, and I’m always here to answer questions!

An Introduction to Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Lisa and affiliate income promoted through SEO (& SEO only) has been my primary source of income for more than 10 years now! Since the algorithm updates in the fall of 2023, I have seen many a ‘SEO expert’ that seem completely in the dark about how the algorithm works now, and what is required to rank well in Google. A lot of site owners were hit hard by those updates and were not getting a lot of useful information, and as far as I could see there were no courses specifically addressing how to recover.

I had a previously-dead site that I had specifically prepared for the Helpful Content Update as a test, and it soared during the fall and continues to outperform all of my other sites. So, I gathered up what I had learned and my strategies and put it into a course for site owners that had taken a hit during the fall.

It has gotten great feedback so far, but I was also being approached by SEO-newbies asking if it would be helpful for them as well. The content writing strategy is the same, but for beginners the keyword research strategy will be different and I skip over a lot of things that I assume folks who have had sites for a while already know and will have in place that a beginner may not.

So, I decided to repurpose and repackage my knowledge in a course aimed at beginners to search engine optimization! Registering in the course means that you are a student for life, I will keep the course updated with future algorithm updates, and you will be able to ask questions whenever you want!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Training on how to perform keyword research & identify good opportunities for what to write about
  • A guide to writing content that Google will find both helpful & relevant, and then rank well for the searches identified during the research phase
  • How small businesses (local or otherwise) can use SEO as an online marketing strategy
  • How to set up tracking tools to monitor your progress
  • Common misinformation & outdated practices around search engine optimization

Course Content

An Overview of How Google Search is Working in 2024
Things were really shaken up in the fall of 2023, and the way that search is working these days has changed. It does take some work to get those top positions, but in my opinion we're dealing with the best form of the algorithm we ever have. In this lesson we'll discuss the two main factors that affect how your site ranks in Google.

  • How Search Works in 2024

Keyword Research
AKA - what should I write about and what searches should I target? Whether you have a business or a blog, you need to have a strategy behind the content on your site. This is the first step in determining that strategy!

Competitor Research
In this video, we'll go over how to look at pages that are already performing well for the searches we'd like our own site to do well for. We'll learn which pages will have useful clues for us, as well as what to look for on those pages.

Writing Content
How to structure your content in a way that will have the best chance of performing well in Google

Important Naming Spots
There are certain spots that Google will look to first to see if it's worth crawling a page and see if it's relevant for any searches. Here is how to put your best foot forward.

Google Search Console
How to get set up with and use Google Search Console to improve your site

After Content Is Done – Next Steps
"I've finished writing my content, what's next?" Mostly the next step is patience, but here are some other things you can do.

Case Study – Local Business
An over-the-shoulder walkthrough on how I would perform keyword research, competitor research, and writing content for the home page of a local business.

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